Some of the clients of the studio include:

Bayer Consulting (Switzerland)

Cafe & Factory


HomeMade Company

HomeMade Company

Image Informatics (USA)

Michael Chabowski Technical Services (United Arab Emirates)

Muddle Me (United Arab Emirates)

Naumovic & Associates

Novimix / 100% Posto


PIK Rijeka d.d.

UAE Compare (United Arab Emirates)

As Digital Creative Director at DraftFCB Afirma, Karim Salim has worked on projects for:


Grand Kafa

Beiersdorf (Nivea, Eucerin, Labello)



Through its partnership with Kreativa New Formula, Karim Salim has worked on projects for:

Societe Generale



Major clients that Karim had worked on in previous agencies include:

Telenor (Responsible for the output of ATL creative team since Telenor’s launch in Serbia in 2006. Pivotal conceptual and executional role in projects such as Genex building “Doors” megaboard, “333” and “Click a Million” campaigns, which won several regional and local creative awards.)

Philip Morris (Leader of the creative group that managed all Marlboro, L&M, Parliament and PMI corporate activities. In the beginning, the team’s focus was on BTL promotions in Serbia. As a result of local success, in the following 3 years the client promoted the team into the regional creative hub covering Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Albania, responsible for creation of major events, such as Marlboro Red Racing School and Adventure Team.)

Doncafe (As a part of the repositioning of Doncafé brand, helped establish redesigned packaging by introducing the “Doncafé Branding System”. The purpose of the system was to create the consistency by thoroughly integrating ATL and POS communication.)

Western Union (Created “Safety Belt” print/outdoor campaign. The original scope of the campaign was local, but after being sold to many markets worldwide, it turned out to be on of the most lucrative ads in Leo Burnett’s Belgrade history.)

Nectar (Contributed to the creation of some of the most memorable Nectar campaigns (such as “It Does Matter”/”Nije svejedno”) that gave birth to the brand as we know it today.)

Microsoft (Gave name to and created visual identity for Microsoft’s only Serbian brand: “Sinergija”. What started as a one-time event became a tradition, keeping its name and the logo for a decade.)

Reemstma (Leader of the creative team that stood behind initial Davidoff and West communication. Thanks to the effort during that period, these brands achieved breakthrough in the Serbian market.)

During 12 years there had been too many clients and projects that Karim was involved in to mention them all. Some of them were a long-term cooperations, while some were just one-off experiences. Some of the better-known include:

Porsche SCG (Audi, VW, Seat), Fest, Frikom, Singidunum University, Promonte, Kyevstar, Samsung, Delta, Efes (Weifert), Pekabeta, Imlek, SIEPA, Privatization Agency RS, Sloboda za zivotinje/PETA, Topico, IWC, Apatinska pivara (Jelen pivo), Banca Intesa/Delta banka, Komercijalna banka, Bitolsko Mleko, Monterra, Direct Group/Direct Trade, Government of Serbia, Tobacco Factory Rovinj (Ronhill, Boss), Yugoslav Drama Theatre (JDP), Alma Quattro, Amstel, Si&Si Company (Next), Illy Coffee, Hotel Milocer, Bitef, Vala Sciences, Belgrade Fair, Zepter, TetraPak, Studio B, Ministries of Economic Relationships/Finance/Agriculture SCG/RS, National Health Insurance (RZZO), Metropolis, Zuko and IBM.