Karim Salim Creative Studio

The studio has a goal to bring a top notch creative work without all the hassle of top notch agencies. The founder’s large experience promises high performance on even the most demanding projects, while small scale operation allows full focus and effectiveness. The studio is able to fulfill a wide field of creative tasks: from brand creation and identity, through product and industrial design, to all kinds of advertising media, including digital – web sites, online games and applications, which are becoming the major focus point of all communication. The special emphasis on graphic arts and photography gives a specific signature of the studio.

Additionaly Karim Salim works in close partnership with DraftFCB+Afirma as digital creative director on selected projects, and is also affiliated with Kreativa New Formula as a creative consultant and associate creative director. Other partner agencies include: Bojke&Me, Leo Burnett and Brand Master.